Sports recovery...

Liz Tucker – Nutritional Therapist MSc, BSc Hons, BA Hons, Ad Dip Nutritional Medicine. 

Stamina and endurance sports are massive energy users, putting the body under loaded amounts of oxidative stress. During exercise energy is king but a whole range of other nutrients are needed to keep the body going and protect it from stress and injury. 

Sports nutrition has a tidy way of packaging nutrients into different categories depending on whether you are consuming before, during and after. So carbohydrates are seen as the energy givers while protein is kept for recovery. However we don’t eat nutrients, we eat food and virtually all food is a combination of carbs, fats, proteins, mineral and vitamin micronutrients, along with a whole array of other AFCs (Active Food Chemicals) like flavonoids and phytosterols. 

So the perfect recovery diet is from foods that provide the nutrients your body needs to combat oxidative stress and rebuild and repair tissue. Antioxidants do exactly what they say on the tin and these are found in abundance in plant based foods such as seeds and veg. Protein provide the building blocks of life but essential fatty acids such has omega 3 provide structure to tissue and manage inflammation. However the perfect sports nutrition regime comes from eating well over time not from quick bursts of energy or protein before or after the event. 

All the nutrients you need to recover are found in abundance in natural foods. Stimulating foods such as refined sugar, fat, salt, caffeine and alcohol just add to the oxidative stress load. 

So to clear your oxidation away:

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR PLATE - Simply just eat more coloured veg rich in antioxidants

KEEP IT SIMPLE – there is nothing complicated about good nutrition just keep it natural

MAKE CALORIES COUNT – eat nutritionally dense foods with a high energy value such has nuts and seeds rather than empty calories from processed high calorie foods

DEEP CLEAN – A healthy digestive system is the key to energy production and plant based foods  are what your insides love best.