How to: Homemade body scrubs

A nice body scrub is a great addition to any beauty regime. Exfoliating a few times per week helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells from the surface of your body and will leave you feeling soft and smooth all over, while the oils will keep you moisturised. Best of all, these miracle products can be made right at home!

The steps are simple. In any homemade body scrub, there are three components: exfoliant, oil and fragrance.

There are many different types of ingredients that will fulfil the requirements of this component – it just has to be gritty! Salt and sugar are the most common, but you could also try ground coffee for its scent and caffeine, or the milder option of oatmeal for extra hydration.

The oil is important not only for moisturising, but also holds the whole thing together. Try to avoid thicker oils as they tend to leave a greasy residue on your skin. Sunflower oil is a great option thanks to its thin consistency and subtle fragrance. You can also try almond or hazelnut oil if you don’t suffer from a nut allergy.

The possibilities are endless here! However, the healthiest way to go is with essential oils rather than synthetic extracts. Try experimenting with some aromatherapy to help you wind down from a hard workout or get you invigorated on your way out on the town. Check here [link to:] for oils good for your personal skin type, or try here for scents to set the mood.