What makes waterproof mascara waterproof?

This magical stuff will last you through nights of fun, dancing and even through a rigorous workout. But how does waterproof mascara do it? Well, there are fats and there are oils, all the things that make water be gone, but one ingredient stands head and shoulders above the rest.

It’s all in the wax!
The exact recipe for making mascara waterproof is not well publicised. However, looking at the ingredients list of all the different brands, there is one common factor: wax.Whether it be beeswax, carnauba wax or candelilla wax, this is the super-powered ingredient that provides the hydrophobic – water-resistant – quality that you need. It causes water droplets to slide off the lashes without bonding to any of the black product and therefore, not taking any of it with it as it drops to your cheek.

Water won’t avoid water
The other thing you should check for when shopping for the perfect waterproof mascara is to look and see how much water is actually contained in the product. The more water that is in the mascara, the more you are at risk of it becoming smeared.However, it should be noted that experts recommend limiting your use of water proof formulas with little water, simply because they are so effective and so harder to remove, risking damage to existing eyelashes.