Eat gluten-free this winter

Eating tasty gluten-free foods needn’t be difficult, read our guide to ‘free-from’ hearty winter warmers. Increased understanding of how our diet affects our health has seen a huge boom in the free-from food ranges, particularly gluten-free and wheat-free foods for those of us with an intolerance.

Now winter is on its way, we’re all secretly looking forward to those tasty, hearty meals to keep us going at work and play as the days shorten and the temperatures drop. But so many traditional winter recipes are gluten and wheat dominated – no good for those of us with intolerances.

Coming to the rescue is Newburn Bakehouse, which helps you plan your meals in the busy real world, offering tasty recipes with gluten- and wheat-free products – from work-day wraps and hearty ‘winter warmer’ pies and soups, to Halloween treats and even free-from Christmas dinner too.You can find out where to buy free-from products, either at your local supermarkets, cafes, or even pharmacies. It’s not just about products though. You can sign-up to recipe alerts, find free-from events, and get health tips and advice on living gluten and wheat free – it’s all about making it easier to fold free-from living into your busy life, whatever your budget.

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