Taking a post-holiday detox trip

It happens every year. You use the holidays as an excuse to overindulge on everything from chocolate to butter-packed potatoes – and it leads to bloating, weight gain, lethargy and – of course – regret.

And then comes January, the month of deprivation and self-promises – the month where you reset the clock, and your health. In other words, it’s the perfect time for a detox.

Not only do these vacations help you get a well-deserved break from work and, for city dwellers, an escape from the city, but it can also be just the kickstart you need to take on a healthier lifestyle!

Sure, you can go abroad for a package holiday, but there are plenty of such trips on offer around the country, and they can range from juice cleanses in the countryside to hardcore sat-burning bootcamps – all-inclusive or as flexible as you like. Something like Cornwall’s Revitalise Fitness Retreat combines intensive personal training, with a stunning coastline stay.

West Sussex center Simply Healing focuses more on weight loss with a series of varied juice cleanses and detox programs, with additional help with relaxing.

There are also yoga retreats aplenty all over the country – and the world – which can help you break from the rat race for a touch of meditation and an opportunity to catch up the fitness.