Tyres for tripping: A guide

A beautiful bike frame can catch the eye, handle the strain of the bumps and keep you steady in your travels, but it is the right tyres that will keep you moving. But how do you know which ones to buy? Well that all depends on where your journeys will take you…

Road bike tyres
If you have plans to hit the roads, you want to find a tyre that is sleek, smooth and aerodynamic. The most popular width for a road tyre is 23mm with wider tyres equaling a more comfortable ride, but thinner being better for speed.

As for treads, the smoother the tread, the better it is for dry conditions – resulting in an incredibly smooth ride. But if you have plans to take on wet weather, it is better to stick with all-weather tyres, that have deeper grooves for helping with grip on the road and displacing debris along the way.

Mountain bike tyres
Looser terrains call for greater grip on the ground and therefore a tyre with deep, deep grooves. They will have a decent amount of cushioning to absorb shock and make for a comfortable ride with low rolling resistance. 

These types of tyres tend to be of the wider variety because they give stability and provide a higher level of traction. However, thicker tyres means more drag and therefore less speed. So depending on whether you are racing or just exploring the tougher terrain