Supplements for cyclists

Cycling can be on the track or on the road, it can be a competition of endurance, of speed, or even of tactics – so, it’s no surprise that such a varied sport attracts athletes with all their bases covered.

And sometimes covering those bases involves supplementing a diet with just a touch of something extra. Here are a few that you might want to give a try:

Vitamin C
Delayed onset muscle soreness, which involves the sudden painful aching of the limbs hours after working out, is sadly very common among bike riders. However, it is also a condition that is easily preventable with just a bit of vitamin C. According to the University of North Carolina, three grams a day can make a huge difference in muscle soreness. 

Green Tea Extract
Studies show that the essence of the fragrant green tea can not only aid the body in burning up fat for fuel and staving off that dreaded brick wall moment, but studies by the American Physiological Society show that it boosts endurance by a whopping 25 percent!

Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate does just what it says on the tin plus a kick of vitamin B6. Zinc and magnesium are both micronutrients that athletes are notoriously lacking. Zinc helps maintain levels of testosterone while magnesium keeps energy coming and helps with muscle and nerve function.

So far, the supplement has only had minimal studies done on its effectiveness, and they finished with conflicting results. However, experts believe that it is most effective when used by athletes with zinc and magnesium deficiency – something cyclists are known to suffer from. 

Beta Alanine
This amino acid does the equivalent of fighting fire with fire when it comes to aiding in muscle endurance and recovery. It buffers away lactic acid that forms in the muscles by forming L-carnosine – the perfect little helper for the cyclist looking to tackle the long haul workouts.