Digital doctor

Playing doctor and self diagnosing with the help of Nurse Google is normally a sure-fire way to turn yourself into a hypochondriac, but not if you’ve got the right tools to hand. 

Qardio’s fleet of day-to-day health gadgets allows you to keep track of three vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate and weight.

The QardioArm (£99) might look like a headphone amp, but it monitors your blood pressure rather than sprucing up tunes (although it’ll also pick up on any irregular rhythms from your ticker). All the data is sent over Bluetooth to your phone, which can be paired with an app, and it’s all plotted on charts to help you spot changes. The cuff doubles up as a cover when it’s not in use.

If you want more deets on your beats, the QardioCore (£449) is a chest strap that’s designed for everyday use in mind, not just when you’re out running a triathlon. It can also pick up on stress levels, body temperature and respiratory rate, plus it’ll record all the things an activity tracker around your wrist would monitor and send it all to the Qardio app.

And then there’s the QardioBase (£130) – a sleek set of smart scales that look like they could’ve been designed by Nest. In fact, they look so chic it’s almost a shame to stand on them. But you should, otherwise they won’t measure your BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition and standard weight. Shed some pounds and you’ll be rewarded between your feet.

All of Qardio’s kit connects to the same app, plus it will integrate with Apple’s HealthKit, so you can build a complete picture of your health.