Protein for life

Eating and drinking protein isn’t a choice for us humans, it’s a necessity.

Every cell in our body contains protein. Without it, you’d have no DNA, no bones, no hormones… you get the picture. From supporting the immune system to repairing damaged muscles – the list of life-sustaining tasks apportioned to protein is endless.

Running low
It’s easy for us to assume we’re *bound* to be consuming enough protein. We’re still standing, right? Wrong. A diet lacking in protein-rich foods will take its toll, so here are some signs to look out for…

You’re constantly hungry – protein makes you feel fuller for longer as it takes longer to digest
You’re losing your hair – hair is mainly made of protein. Refuse to feed it and it will refuse to grow 
You’re regularly catching colds – your immune system relies on protein to fight germs
You’re always complaining about aches and pains – protein helps repair and build muscle and tissues. Lack of protein can cause muscle pain, weakness and cramping (especially if you’re sporty)
You’re noticing injuries are slow to heal – the new cells, tissue and skin required to mend a cut, bump or bruise are slow to materialize without sufficient protein. 

Love sport. Love protein
If you regularly exercise – or are looking to start a new regime – take a close look at your protein consumption. Whatever your sport (especially when you’ve finished your run, swim, match, workout etc.), you’ll need to top up – both to boost energy and repair stressed or damaged muscles.

How much do I need?
46g for women, 56g for men. However, according to Anita Bean (author of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition), you need to top up your levels by 15-25g post-exercise. 

Quick fixes
Thirsty for protein? Take a bottle of Nurishment Active into the office or gym. It’s a low-fat, flavoursome milk drink providing 35g per 500ml bottle. Hungry for more energy? Cruga Biltong is a pocket-size snack that’s made of delicious marinated prime lean beef. There’s 55% protein (and only 3% fat) in every pack.