Beauty with a conscience

Not only are more and more people opting to cut all animal products from their diet, many are now switching turning their daily beauty regime vegan too.

Time was, you’d have to walk a million miles to track down so much as funky vegan lip balm. Now, in 2016/17, mainstream media is running features on ‘must-buy’ vegan lotions and potions.

Vegan means that a product contains zero animal product. Gone are ingredients such as lanolin (sheep sebaceous gland) or carmine (derived from insects) in this new and extremely welcome wave of glamorous cosmetics and skincare. 

What can vegan do for you?
Neither the end product or the ingredients are tested on animals either. So, if you’re passionate about animals, a vegan bathroom cabinet is a no-brainer.

But how about the trend’s benefits for us humans?
Let’s take a look…  

* Vegan and ‘natural’ go hand in hand – so you can kiss ta-ra to harsh chemicals which play havoc with sensitive skin 
* ‘Natural’ make-up brushes, i.e. made from a furry’s fur, can cause serious inflammation of the face. Go manmade instead
* Using products derived from animals means your skin absorbs whatever they’ve been exposed to – think pesticides, growth injections… you get the picture

Being a vegan beauty is easy… and cheap!
Yes, there are some high-end ranges out there, but equally many high-street chains and supermarkets offer their own cruelty-free ranges, featuring everything from shampoo to body lotion. 

Pop down the shops:

* Superdrug  
* Co-operative  
* Sainsbury’s 
* Lush  
* Bulldog (for men)  
* Yes to cucumbers 
* Beauty without Cruelty 
* Pacifica  
* Pai Skincare 
* Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 
* Sibu Beauty available at Amazon 
* Skyn Iceland 

Always look for the leaping bunny logo