Beauty is in the mind of the beholder

2017 is the year of the whole you. The year to acknowledge that we are a sum of many parts. We are our fitness regime, our sleep pattern, our diet, and the time we invest in relaxation and mindfulness. 

And, to this end, the beauty industry has looked to the concept of wellbeing and mindfulness to inspire new lines in everything from nail polish to face creams.

There’s a distinct shift away from how the products make you look and towards how they make you feel. In an increasingly unpredictable, stressful world, it makes perfect sense. 

Interconnectivity is key
Lots of cosmetic products that boast wellbeing properties are starting to appear in the mainstream, as are wellbeing products that boast high impact on cosmetic appearance e.g. teas and powders – such is the new everything-is-interconnected outlook. 

Beauticians, for example, are being trained to look beyond foundation and cover sticks, and advise their clients on the reasons behind their dry or blotchy skins, not just hide the imperfections.

Mindful shopping 
LK is loving this new trend, and we’ve selected a few products to get your whole you regime started…

Wellbeing nailed
We love The Mindful Manicure series by Nails Inc. – a range of varnishes infused with healing gemstones for ‘spiritual effect’. They’re £15 each (14ml) and you can decide what your emotional mission is and choose a shade accordingly. One bottle says ‘wear me for friendship and love’, another for ‘happiness and heart-shielding’. Even if these crystals don’t really possess such powers, surely you can’t help but feel more positive wearing them on your fingers? 

Nourishing inside and out

Made for Life by Spiezia Organics brings you skincare formulations that are made by in hand in Cornwall using local herbs, flowers and oils. One of their ranges is Made for Face, designed to create ageless, glowing skin and produce a radiance that comes from within. Their Daily Replenish & Protect Facial Moisturising Balm (£39, 50ml) is suitable for all skin types and is rich in detoxifying and restorative carrot and wheatgerm oils, bacteria and free radical-fighting sweet orange and, of course, there’s ylang-ylang to relax the mind and boost circulation. 

Time for tea
After all that beauty shopping, you’ll need a spot of refreshment. How about Beautiful Skin Tea by Neal’s Yard Remedies? Costs £6 for 75g and it’s overflowing with antioxidants such as goji berry and rosehip. Sup up for glowing skin.