Protein not just for body builders!

You’d be forgiven for associating increased protein intake with body building sorts who lift weights that resemble your house. 

But, did you know that, regardless of exercise intensity, whether you weightlift semi-detacheds or simply enjoy a leisurely swim every Saturday, protein is a must-have for your fitness menu.

What’s so special about protein?
Protein are large molecules consisting of amino acids and are essential for good health, including the reparation of cells and the creation of new ones. And this is why, if you exercise, monitoring your intake is advisable.

You see, when you’re on the move – whether kicking, running or jumping – you’re breaking down muscle. So, during and post-workout, protein has the opposite effect – building and strengthening muscle mass (and boosting metabolism).

Similarly, if you pull a muscle playing football or netball, for example, protein rushes to the rescue with its repair kit. 

Where can I get it?
If you like to keep fit and are lacking in the protein department, look at adding additional protein-rich food into your diet, such meat, seafood, diary, beans, soy or nuts. 

Alternatively, and if you’re always mega busy, make sure a protein-packed snack is always close to hand.

A bag of Cruga Biltong is ideal – it’s tasty, filling and contains an impressive 19.4g of protein per 35g bag. Made from an authentic South African recipe and best devoured as part of a healthy, balanced diet, it too is low in calories and fat.