Welcome more protein onto your plate

Started a new fitness regime and looking to boost your protein intake? Here are some tasty ways to add these essential molecules into your busy schedule.

Breakfast 7am
You’ll need some carbs, so reach for the wholegrain toast and top with protein-packed scrambled eggs. Vegan? No problem, whip up a deliciously fluffy soy version of this ideal brekkie dish.

Break-time 11am
Tired and grouchy around 11am? Did you know that a lack of protein can cause low moods? Reach for protein-rich and filling fuel such as Protein Boost – the low-calorie, fat and gluten-free milk based drink. 20g of protein guaranteed and available in delicious strawberry or chocolate flavours.

Lunch 1pm
Fish is full of protein, so a tuna or salmon sandwich (with plenty of salad) would be perfect. Veggies and vegans meanwhile can tuck into the Fish-Free Smoked Salmon Slices from the Vbites Making Waves.

Dinner 6pm
Opt for a protein-friendly white meat like chicken or turkey accompanied by one of the high-protein pastas now available on the market and a barrel load of protein-rich veggies (think broccoli, spinach, peas mushrooms or artichokes). Meat-free households can spice things up with Sweet Ginger Tofu

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