Salad exposed!

Forget fancy new salad ingredients you can’t pronounce, we take a look at the traditional stuff, such as tomatoes, and reveal its amazing health benefits. You’ll never look at the humble salad in the same way again...

TOMATO – the health all-rounder
Improved eye sight, reduced blood pressure, better digestion and blood circulation, and lowered cholesterol – the little round red gem offers it all and then some. And, if you suffer from skin issues, diabetes or urinary tract infections, tomatoes can help ease your condition. And as if all this wasn’t enough, this fruit helps in your quest for detoxification.

LETTUCE – the snooze inducer
These low-calorie leaves contain fibres and cellulose which keep you full, improve digestion and in turn help you lose weight. The combo of vitamin C and beta-carotene helps to lower cholesterol (great news for the heart), whilst the lactucarium inside the leaves has an opiate effect and beats insomnia. Lettuce also supports your body’s acid/alkaline balance – leading to increased energy levels and ageless skin! 

ONIONS – the tasty painkiller 
The mix of vitamin C and phytochemicals in onions is amazing news for your immune system, whilst the chromium they pack keeps blood sugar on an even keel. Fascinatingly, this strong-tasting veggie can help reduce inflammation and heal infections. Stung by a bumble bee? Rub onion juice on the sting for instant relief!

CUCUMBER – brain food
These green wonders are made up of 95.2% water and if you consume a 5-ounce serving, you’ll have achieved approximately 26% of your recommended daily aqua intake! Meanwhile, studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory fisetin found in cucumber can positively impact on neurological health. Cucumbers are also super skin-friendly (pop slices on your eyes or opt for products containing the green stuff) and their vitamin K quota is super kind to bones. 

SWEETCORN – protecting those peepers
The presence of the antioxidants beta-carotene and lutein (known as carotenoids and responsible for the bright colour of produce like carrots) is known to prevent eye diseases. Low in sugar, but high in fibre, splendid sweetcorn also helps keep your digestive system in tip-top condition. Happily, sweetcorn is naturally gluten free! 

Ready to tuck in?
Inspired by our salad health expose above and ready to tuck into some salad classics? The Subway® brand has placed a host of friendly salad options on its menu. The salads are colourful, tasty, and will make up two of your five-a-day. Made fresh in front of you in store, they contain the ingredients you adore (like those listed above) and none of those you don’t.