EMFIT gives you the edge

Give yourself the competitive edge whilst you catch some zeds, courtesy of the EMFIT QS®

A good night’s sleep enables your body and mind to recover post-workout or stressful day at the office, and knowingwhether or not you’re getting quality zeds gives you the freedom to make adjustments/improvements to your lifestyleand/or fitness regime.

Magic from beneath your mattress
The EMFIT QS® tracks your sleep and recovery from the underside of your mattress. Yes, you heard right, nowearables are required – simply pop under your mattress, wander off to the land of nod and, next day, access datavia Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity from the EMFIT servers.

It’s a technique known as ballistocardiography that gives the The EMFIT QS® its tracking powers. Read more aboutthe science bit here.

Reaction from sporting stars
Olympic athletes, triathletes and NFL players are just some of the sports professionals who use the The EMFIT QS® toanalyse their rates of recovery. Click here to hear them praising this impressive piece of kit.

Sleep & sport
Too little sleep really can really wreck your performance. Muscle recovery, reaction times, motivation and focus – theyare all impacted on by quality of sleep.

Take control
Invest in an EMFIT QS® (£234 at Amazon) and follow these top tips to crank up your snooze ranking:

– Say no to coffee,wine or cigs post-lunchtime
– Don’t dive under the duvet immediately after exercising, or else you’ll struggle to fallasleep
– Try a few pre-bedtime yoga moves to reduce muscle tension
– Jot down what’s worrying you inside a notebookbefore hitting the sack. Close the journal, and forget about it until daylight
– Draw the curtains, switch off the TV, ormaybe wear an eye mask – darkness supports the release of sleep-friendly hormone melatonin
– Don’t set a super-early alarm – post-snooze button sleep is inferior
– Step away from social media – that hilarious status update can wait!: