Wonderful winter skin

Few people can rock the dry and tired look, so check out our top tips on securing healthy, glowing skin, even if the harsh weather has other ideas… 

The big brush off
Tired and lacklustre skin is often the result of seasonal circulation woes. Bring back the colour and blood flow back to your face with a gentle exfoliator, and opt for a natural brush on the rest of your body – starting at the soles of the feet and using upward strokes as you travel. 

Lose the soap
Many soaps can be extremely drying, so go for a shower crème that contains a rejuvenating (or comforting) emollient, such as coconut or lavender oil. Treat your wind-torn locks with the same respect; taking 10-15 minutes out to chill wearing an oil-rich hair mask. For super-soft lips, select a balm containing lysine, cocoa butter, olive oil or vitamin E.

Keep it cool
Hot water (on face or body) is bad, super-drying news in winter, opt for a lukewarm temperature and apply a nourishing moisturiser straight afterwards. Also, if you’re on your way out, don’t apply face cream just before you leave. Apply at least 30 minutes in advance – did you know it can freeze? Also, just because the sun appears to have gone on leave, a cream that contains sun-blocking titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is an all-season essential. Spot alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate on the ingredient list of a product? Put it on hold, these additives dry out your skin and undo your great winter work.

Take a caffeine break
The drying season requires serious hydration, and what you eat and drink matters just as much as what you work into your skin. Relying heavily on hot choc and gingerbread lattes for comfort and warmth? Take a break from moisture-zapping caffeine with a warm cup of water splashed with lemon. Tuck into water-bearing veg, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots, maybe whipping them up into a hearty vitamin and nutrient-dense soup.