Hello Boogie Bounce!

This varied, dynamic and challenging mini trampoline workout has an emphasis on fun, yet is designed to get you fit and help you lose body fat fast, and now you can do it all without even leaving your house.

Fit fun into your busy schedule
The high-intensity, low-impact programme, which attracts over 40,000 people (ranging in age from eight to 80) to classes every week, can now fit around your schedule.Whether you struggle to fit a class into your busy day, regularly miss class or prefer exercising solo, there’s no need to lose out. You can now improve your health and maintain an ideal weight when it suits you.

Bounce like nobody is watching
The simple, safe and effective Boogie Bounce Home Programme contains a mini trampoline (exclusive Boogie Bounce T-bar handle included), a DVD featuring two choreographed routines (soundtracked by inspirational, uplifting songs) and FREE use of the Boogie Bounce app for three months.

called bouncing “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”, so visit the Boogie Bounce Shop and bounce your way to a fitter, healthier you.