Prep your skin for a glowing summer

During the season of sweaters and central heating, it’s easy to neglect skin and forget that in a handful of months it will be back on show. Here’s our quick guide to getting a glow going before the spring sun comes out to play…

Eat well
We all seek comfort in carbs when the weather is cold, but it will certainly take its toll on your skin. By all means indulge cheer-making treats, but counteract with lashings of delicious fresh fruit and veg to hydrate your skin and feed it with crucial antioxidants. 

Drink up
Deep down you know you must, but are probably tired of hearing how essential guzzling water is. Don’t switch off, swig instead. Add pure fruit juice for a taste boost – quenching thirsty skin and helping restore a youthful radiance.

Add more water…
This time to the skin itself by sticking to a strict moisturisation routine – body, face and, never forget, the hands. A heavier moisturiser (creamy) is ideal for winter, but switch to a lighter lotion once spring has sprung.

Scrub up well
Don’t leave it until April to manically scrub away the dead skin cells that have been desperate to leave the building since January – the winter months are the time to invest in exfoliation. Gently cover all bases; from lips through to feet. Shaving is also a great way to shed your tired skin!  

Lower the temperature
After waiting an hour in the wind and rain for a bus, jumping under a steamy, high-temp shower or into a hot, deep, bubblicious bath. Hot water dries the skin big time, so cool it down a notch or two.