So long, sugar?

Have you witnessed the rise of the sugar-free diet and considering following suit? Check out our pros and cons of ditching the sweet stuff…

1. You’ll drop weight. One teaspoon of granulated sugar weighs in at 16kcal.
2. You’ll cut your risk of heart disease. Studies show that there is a definite link between sugar-heavy foods and cardiovascular disease.
3. You’ll be in control. Research indicates that too much fructose (sugar found in fruits and veggies) impacts negatively on insulin’s ability to support the brain in converting sugar into ‘thought energy’. Equally, ‘sugar rushes’ send the brain into overdrive.
4. You’ll have a nicer smile. Obvious but true. Sugar is bad news for teeth. 
5. You’ll stave off infection. Certain experts believe sugar overload weakens immune system cells (albeit temporarily) that fight bacteria.
6. You’ll have brighter skin. Sugar, studies show, halts the repair of collagen in the skin. And you know that collagen is what keeps your face lovely and plump! 

1. Some people who’ve gone for total elimination have experienced sleepless nights, vision problems and memory loss.
2. If you are a true sugar monster, abstinence can even be known to cause anxiety and low mood.
3. It can be stressful. As we mentioned earlier, sugar is omnipresent. Wiping out its existence in your diet can be a bit of a full-time job.
4. Just cutting out sugar won’t revolutionise your life or health. You need to look at your diet as a whole, and other stuff, like the amount of exercise you take.
5. Whilst we have no doubt you can successfully reduce your intake of sugar; total wipe-out is ripe for failure. And we don’t want you feeling bad about yourself…
Our conclusion?

Cutting out ALL traces of sugar from your diet is a mammoth task, you see, it’s contained in everything from fruit and processed food to our weekend bottle of booze. But reduction is not only easier, it’s recommended. Lots of us are devouring way too much.

So, start a mini crusade against the granules (e.g. stop having sugar in your tea, on your cereal and use fizzy drinks as a treat-only beverage), as an all-out war might leave you feeling utterly miserable.