Face food

This section often advises you on what to put onto your skin to achieve a youthful glow. But, this month, we’re showing you how to EAT and DRINK your way to great skin – it’s the tastiest route to looking great…

Green tea
This thirst-quenching cuppa contains antioxidants, such as EGCG, which oxygenate the skin and rev up circulation. The result is smooth, less taught skin that, wait for it, shows increased resistance to UV light. Sunscreen in a china cup – amazing. But that doesn’t mean you should leave the cream at home! 

Of the dreamy, dark variety. Great hydration and improved circulation are yours for the taking if you dip into your chocolate supplies. Why? It’s the flavanols in the cocoa that dabbles in magic, and experts recommend a daily one-ounce chunk to reap the skin rewards.

This is a tasty alternative to meat that also boasts amazing collagen-boosting properties. Soy contains isoflavone, which halts the breakdown of collagen (responsible for keeping skin extra plump). To get your daily dose, try eating around six ounces of tofu a day. There are tonnes of great tofu-based recipes out there.

The omega-3 fatty acids packed inside this nutty treat are good for treating dry, problem skin (think conditions like eczema), as low levels of this fat is a guaranteed moisture-zapper. Perfect option for veggie folk who can’t get their omega fix via fish.  

As well as being full of healthy vitamins and minerals (vitamins A and C, zinc) – all great for skin health – broccoli contains lutein (a carotenoid), which combats oxidative stress and, in doing so, fights ageing and pesky wrinkles. Florets also contain sulforaphane, which may also have anti-cancer properties.