Feet first

When it comes to body parts, they get the toughest deal work-out wise, yet many of us forget to reward them with TLC. We’re talking feet. Here’s how to look after them and ensure they’re healthy and pain-free…

Keep super-clean
Dirty, smelly feet are nobody’s friend but aesthetics aside, washing them after working out and – most importantly – drying them thoroughly is a must if you want to avoid fungal/bacterial infections like athlete’s foot. Tip: moisture is the enemy of the foot – even if you can’t wash your feet post-run, DRY them. Leaving feet sweaty (sorry!) is a recipe for troublesome skin issues.

Keep soft & smooth
Desperately dry skin (especially skin that’s under pressure from exercise) can lead to painful conditions such as calluses. Keep them at bay by removing (gently) dry skin regularly with a file or pumice stone, and rub in a decent cream (we like this one from L’Occitane), remembering not to apply it in between toes.  

Keep nails nice & trim
Using proper (but cute) clippers, cut nails straight across – anything else can lead to ingrown toenails and/or infection = super-painful and guaranteed to keep you off the track or pitch.

Keep your flip-flops on
If you’re a gym regular or a dedicated water baby whose rarely away from the baths, always wear flip-flops when walking in communal areas. Germs are lurking and bring with them the promise of athlete’s foot and a verruca

Keep blisters at bay
Is there really anything more painful and guaranteed to put you off your stride? A good way to avoid their occurrence is to keep feet moist (dry skin = friction), so moisturise daily or layer something like Vaseline on your feet pre-run. You can also invest in blister-banishing socks, 1000 miles offer some with a blister-free guarantee. Make sure both your socks and running shoes FIT. Too small or too big = PAIN.