The future of footwear

Altra Torin IQ
Altra’s trademark wide toe box and zero-drop platform allows for a natural running style, but that’s where the back-to-basics approach ends. Full-length sensors in the midsole capture metrics like landing zone and impact rate – as well as form, distance, pace and cadence. But here’s where the Torin IQ stands out from its high-tech trainer counterparts: an in-ear voice coach will give you pointers on how you can run better, based on that on-the-run data – telling you whether you need to soften your impact, increase your cadence and so on. 

UA Hovr Phantom Connected
In the future, we'll all be wearing hover shoes. Until then, what the Phantom lacks in levitation it makes up for in supreme comfort. Springy, with a slipper-like upper, it’s light, responsive and fun to wear. What’s more, the shoe’s in-built sensor allows you to track your cadence, distance, pace, stride and steps using the accompanying MapMyRun app. HOVR connected technology is yet to arrive in the UK.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0
Self-lacing shoes have arrived – and all you need to do is re-mortgage the house. Eye-popping price aside, there is something special about the futuristic tech: step into the shoe and your foot hits an automatic sensor, which then tightens the upper according to the unique shape of your foot. On a performance level, the shoe is nice and light, and – being a Nike product – looks great.