How taking active holidays is great for your health

Active holiday’s are SO good for you that the NHS even recommends them! 

Of course regular holidays are guaranteed to help relieve stress. Reclining by a pool, getting spa treatments and the like are all great escapes from the rat race. But you know what else helps relieve stress? Exercise! 

Many people use their busy work and home lives as an excuse to not work out regularly, but when you are on holiday, you have no excuse. Getting active on your holiday will leave you feeling even more relaxed than if you just spent the whole time on the beach. 

"Holidays are a golden opportunity to get active," Robin Gargrave of YMCAfit tells In fact: "You may think that you want to lie by the pool all day, but that will make you more tired,” says Rob. “You'll feel more rested at the end of your holiday if you're active."

And it’s not just for you! Holidays are a great way to get your kids off the couch and active. Try taking family trips near good hiking spots or bring your bikes along in the car to have at the ready when time permits.

So, next time you plan a holiday, get up off the beach and get moving – make the most of your holiday!