From Bun To Bald

You may have heard that the man bun can lead to hair loss – of course a more alarming revelation for men than for women – but it is bound to give you pause: could it happen to you?

The answer is yes
Jet Rhys, a celebrity stylist in Solano Beach, California, told "Regularly keeping your hair in a tight bun can cause hair loss, particularly in the spot where the bun sits at the back of your head."

So how does it happen?
Well the first most obvious no-no is tying your ponytail extra tight, which causes something called traction alopecia. If you have to pull your hair back tight, you need to stick to softer, less damaging hair elastics.

Like braids?
Don’t use them along your hairline, these are not healthy for your hairline given that your hair is softer, thinner and more fragile than hair further back. 

Treat your roots right
You may love the volume a good blow out gives you, but this is not only a temporary fix, but also can be extremely damaging. When styling your hair, let it dry about 80 percent before raking a brush through it.