Three weird skin fads you should never try

There are new facts about skincare out there every day, so of course it’s hard to say what is going to work and what is not. 

So, to give you a hand in your great quest for the best skincare, here are a few notable moments of skincare hearsay you should give a skip. 

Snail facials
Just what it sounds like, these facials literally involve snails crawling all over your face. If the method wasn’t enough to turn you off of the idea, then you should know that there is zero scientific evidence that it does anything for your skin. This is certainly an important factor given that just one of these facials is likely to set you back a whopping 100 dollars!

Fish pedicures
There is a very good reason why these are banned in many American states! Having dozens of tiny fish nibble the dead skin off your feet may look interesting and seem like fun, but experts warn that it could spread serious diseases. Regular sterilisation procedures do not apply because they could hurt the fish so if a person has HIV or any other blood-borne disease, it could be passed on through the fish. 

Drinking collagen
You’ve probably heard of collagen – the substance that provides support to the skin. Damage to collagen is a direct cause of wrinkles, sagging skin and changes in skin texture. Many people think that skincare products infused with collagen will help prevent or reverse this effect, but sadly that is not scientifically possible. Neither is drinking collagen – a trend that has gained popularity in the UK. Collagen is broken down in your system the same as any other protein and so it is impossible for it to reach your skin intact.