Stay cool when muscle ache strikes

Started a new exercise regime and now feeling sore? Cold therapy could be key to recovery…

With a New Year fast approaching, many a resolution involves participating in healthier pursuits, in particular, exercise. 

One of the pitfalls of taking up a new sport or regime (or intensifying your current one for 2019) is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness aka DOMS.

DOMS is essentially sore muscles that commonly occur after starting a brand-new regime, switching up your current one or pushing your limits that bit further. The condition is called ‘delayed’ because, rather than feeling that awful burn during exercise, it strikes once a workout, match or game is over. Typically, the soreness is felt most strongly between 24 and 72 hours after exercising and it can often leave you unable to take part in another session. 

Should DOMS strike (remember, you’ll be especially vulnerable if you’ve skipped your recommended five-minute warm-up), cold therapy can help. 

Think P.R.I.C.E
P.R.I.C.E. = protect, rest, ice, compress and elevate, and it’s a method that’s highly advisable for those suffering from DOMS. 

Protect and rest are essential – don’t go and push yourself further, take an exercise break. Cooling the affected area comes next but what if there’s no ice to hand and, let’s face it, it can be a bit of a fuss? 

There’s a better and far more convenient, says leading physiotherapist Sammy Margo:

“I always tell my patients to prepare for the worst and keep a cooling product like Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-on Gel* (£4.99) close by as ice isn’t always available. With scientifically proven cold therapy – this should be applied as soon as possible and continued for up to 72 hours. Cryotherapy or cold therapy, makes blood vessels constrict which suppresses inflammation and minimises damage, helping to reduce recovery time. Once the inflammation has subdued, continue the healing process by applying heat with massage to help realign muscle fibres.”

Exercise essentials
So, always remember to warm up, cool down and, should DOMS strike, adopt P.R.I.C.E. and always have some Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-on Gel handy.

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*Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-on Gel provides targeted, fast acting pain relief with scientifically proven cold therapy for sharp, shooting muscle and joint pain, minor sports injuries, back pain and leg and foot pain.