Help save the rhino, reach for a healthy snack

Discover how, for every pack of Cruga Biltong you buy, you’ll be helping save endangered rhinos

Hunted by humans
The planet’s rhinos are under serious threat, in fact, only 29,000 currently survive in the wild. Save the Rhino International is a charity working tirelessly to save this fascinating animal. All five species of rhino (three of which are native to southern Asia, two to Africa) are in danger because they are hunted by humans for their horns. A heart-breaking THREE rhinos every day on average are poached for their horn across Africa.

Despite having the size and power to be dangerous (the white rhino is considered the second largest land mammal on earth after the elephant), they’re often private animals who just want to live in peace. 

Tireless work
Save the Rhino International has a multi-pronged approach; working to protect the rhino, reduce the illegal trade in rhino horn and educating local communities in conservation. This wonderful work includes: anti-poaching and monitoring patrols; community conservation programmes; environmental education programmes; translocation to reintroduce rhinos to former habitats; veterinary work; captive breeding programmes; and ‘demand reduction’ activities to reduce demand for rhino horn.

You can read all about the charity’s work and see photos of the animals they are saving from extinction here

Protein for the greater good!
Cruga Biltong is the creation of the Meat Snacks Group and it’s a tasty protein-rich snack that is low in calories and fat (a 35g bag contains only 95.9 calories and 1.5g of fat) and is the perfect gluten-free, go-to snack for fitness fans or busy bodies when they’re feeling peckish.

Even better news, every time you tuck in, you’ll be helping to save the rhino! Cruga Biltong has partnered with Save the Rhino International and now, for every sale of a small pack (35g), 1p will be donated to the charity whilst 2p will be donated from the 70g pack.

The snack experts have committed to raising£10,000 for the charity this year; enabling them to continue with their compassionate mission.

Shop & save
Time is running out for the rhinos. Eat well, counter extinction – it’s a simple but powerful equation, so buy some today at Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or online from Amazon.

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