Cycle safe with kids

When it comes to enjoying the capital and keeping fit as a family, the capital offers lots of routes that are both safe and child-friendly – and what better time to become acquainted with them than the summer months?

LK looks at why two-wheeling is great news for little ones, offers safety tips and suggested routes, and even helps you select the best bike!

Why is cycling cool for kids?
Learning to cycle is great fun for kids, they feel adventurous and independent, even if you are close by! Without knowing it, they are getting fit and, hopefully, these early outings will be habit forming and physical activity and green travel will become lifelong friends. Cycling also improves mental health and relieves stress, not to mention helping the family bond and for kids to see mum/dad/carer are pretty cool too! 

Safely does it 
It’s always a good idea to first sign small people up to a bicycle course. We love Bikeability (available across the country) or The Children's Traffic Club London, the FREE Transport for London-funded for pre-schoolers, their parents and carers. 

Once they’re up and cycling, always remember:

1. To ensure their bike fits and is roadworthy
2. ALWAYS make certain they’re wearing a helmet.
3. Riding together and just the one adult? Position yourself behind them. Two adults? One up front, the other at the back. 
4. Keep to designated routes and respect others (from walkers to horse riders) using them.
5. Signal at all times and use the bell to alert others to your presence.

Find out more about cycling safely, here

It’s oh-so quiet… suggested routes
Forgo the hustle and bustle (both on public transport and the city’s busier roads) in favour of ‘Quietways’, London’s continuous and convenient cycle routes on less-busy backstreets across the capital. You’ll be able to spot the routes as they’re marked with purple signs and they are ideal for families. Click here to access a map of the routes – such a wonderful way to see the city!

Best buy bikes
A great kids’ bike needn’t cost the earth, that’s why we love the Decathlon store. Its bikes are affordable, and the staff will go the extra mile when it comes to buying the right quality wheels and kit (think helmets, stabilisers and more). Here are some recommended buys:

B'TWIN 500 KIDS' 14" BIKE (3-4.5 YEARS) – ROBOT (£74.99) 
Created for kids (90-105 cm tall) who are learning to cycle. Features low step-through and stabilisers and comes complete with chain guard and mudguards to prevent rubbing and dirt.

B'TWIN 900 ALLOY KIDS BIKE, BLUE – 16" (£139.99) 
Perfect for smaller riders (105–120cm tall) and complete with one-speed gearing and ‘stop-easy brakes’ suited to small hands. Safe and comfy.

A cool mountain bike designed for 6-8-year olds (120 to 135cm) wanting to start mountain biking. Suspension geared toward rougher terrain and six speeds allow full control.

Cycling success
Transport for London is passionate about greener (and safer) travel – and you should be too! It’s great for the environment, your bank balance and you and your family’s health.

In the past 10 years, the number of cyclists on London's roads has almost doubled; such is the impact of TfL’s transformation of streets to make cycling easier, safer and available to everyone. 

Let’s do it!
Cycling around the capital is a win-win for you, your loved ones and the planet. We wish you well on setting your kids on the right cycle lane and hope you enjoy your two-wheel adventures!

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