Live life to the full, naturally

Learn how to up your oomph and make the most of every day – the natural way.

We all lead busy lives and its so easy to reach for caffeine or sugary treats to lift our mood and energy levels. But all these things come with a post-rush crash! Avoiding the comedown is easy, you just need to embrace naturally ways of upping your oomph and living life to the full…

Increase visits to the land of nod 
Lack of sleep not only makes you want to nod off at your desk and skip the evening dinner you’ve planned with friends (this is NOT good!), it can make lower your immune system (hello colds and flus!) and make you super grouchy. Quit burning the midnight oil and ensure you get between 7-to-9-hours beautiful snooze time. You’ll be amazed how much spring you’ll have in your step when you finally repay your sleep debt.  

Stress less
Do you worry incessantly? When your body is overwhelmed with prolonged periods of mental and emotional stress or anxiety, essential nutrients (including magnesium and B vitamins) are depleted from your body and your energy levels plummet. Also, high levels of the stress hormone cortisol can interfere with sleep – leaving you even moretired! Look at ways of relaxing, for example, mindfulness. There are some amazing apps out there to calm your mood, help you refocus and restore your optimism. Here’s The Independent’s top 8 picks. A calmer, happier outlook canbe yours. The world’s your oyster when you have the right attitude!

Get a move on
Sounds crazy, expending more energy when you’re running on empty, but some gentle exercise – a lovely walk in the evening or a gentle swim can help you destress (see above!) and will help you sleep better. You don’t need to rush out and buy a load of expensive kit or start fretting about being unfit or out of the game – just pick an 30-minute activity you genuinely enjoy (hey, this ain’t the Olympics) and commit to doing it around three times a week. 

Eat foods that keep you going
Gone are the days when eating healthy meant reluctantly chewing on a snack that made cardboard looks like haute cuisine! You can now buy foods that taste just as good as sugary treats – withoutthe added nasties and calories. We love the wholefood-packed TREK Protein Nut Bars, whose roasted peanuts provide a slow release of protein (10g per bar) and omega 6 slowly throughout the day, so you can be the best, energy-full version of yourself at work and play. They tick so many boxes (none more so than the one marked TASTY) but they too are vegan, full of antioxidants, gluten-free, high in fibre and low in sugar (less than 5g). They come in four dreamy flavours and our favourite is the luxurious dark chocolate and sea salt.

Like all our tips, they don’t cost the earth (99p for one or £2.50 for a three-pack).

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