How to host the perfect summer BBQ

Forget pricey eateries, this summer, fun dining with friends on you own turf is where it’s at. We show you how to do it in style…

Pre-grill prep
Set up a Facebook event to ensure everyone knows the correct details and doesn’t turn up two hours early or knock at The Jones’s two doors down. Shout out for dietary requirements and ask guests to list their favourite radio station or all-time favourite track (more about that in a moment). Start BBQing food before everyone arrives. A minute feels like a year during BBQ season, especially when you’re hungry. 

Pick a theme
You’re never too old to enjoy a themed event (maybe even adding in a fancy-dress element), but originality is key! It’s been a wonderful summer of sport, so maybe sporting icons might be an option? Decorating the garden or yard will be easy peasy if you pick up some low-cost goodies at a site like Party Delights. If the gathering will go on until dusk, fairy lights are a magical must-have – we love these football ones.

Game on!
If little ones are invited, this is an absolute essential. If it’s grown-ups only, still consider introducing games into the equation. Evaluate the size of your space (and safety!) and pick anything from Giant Jenga to water bottle bowling.

Sensational soundtrack
Great music is a BBQ essential, but no-one wants either wires (an unsightly danger) pulled across the lawn or poor quality, crackling sounds. The solution? The Geneva Lab Touring S+ (RRP £199.99) – a next-gen DAB+ / FM radio with Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker, which is not only portable and oozing elegance in the style stakes, but its wondrous sound belies its petite size (it weighs just 0.8kg). It produces 100Db of pure Hi-Fi and, with six presets available, fiddling around is a thing of the past and radio favourites are instantly accessible. Even better, the BBQ soundtrack can go on for up to an impressive 20 hours before the battery needs recharging.

Find out more about Geneva Lab Touring S+ 

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