The guide to surviving a night in the library…

No, we’re not talking propping up the bar, we’re talking those late nights ahead of an end-of-term exam or submission of a left-until-the-last-minute essay (yes, we’ve all been there).

Say no to instant fixes
At times like these, it's all too easy to reach for sugary snacks and drinks to get you through but the buzz they give you is temporary, and the post-snack crash will leave you reluctant to read or type another word.

The best way to keep your mind focussed and your body energised is to have a selection of these tasty and nutritious goodies to hand…

Berry nice indeed
Blueberries are nutritional wonders and can help ward off memory loss and boost learning capacity. If you’re studying at home, pop them in the freezer first – super refreshing! Consider topping with Greek yogurt – a low-sugar alternative to your average yogurt and packed with protein to support slow energy release.

Go bananas
Bananas are filled with energy-boosting carbs – ideal if you’re in it for the long haul. Mix it up by slicing and wrapping in wheat tortillas and spreading on a little peanut butter for the ultimate no guilt treat.

Take a dip
Chop up some carrots and pick up a tub of tasty hummus. The health benefits of carrots are endless and their low glycaemic index (GI) puts pay to that sugar-rush-crash cycle (the GI rates foods that contain carbs on how quickly they impact on your blood sugar/glucose level). Meanwhile, hummus is high in protein and brain-friendly Omega 3 fatty acids.

Nut a bad idea
Almonds are winners in the study stakes – packed with healthy fats and protein, they will keep you feeling full for long periods of time and help you forget all about that chocolate bar…

… but if you really, really can’t move forward without your chocolate fix, go for DARK… and don’t go OTT. A few squares of dark chocolate will activate the production of endorphins but is lower in sugar that milk variety and brimming with antioxidants.

Thirsty work
To wash down all your good work above, you need a drink that will guarantee hydration. Winding up dehydrated can be the result of downing too much caffeine (or alcohol) and you’ll be in no mood to study. So, reach for refreshment in the shape of something like Boost Sport – the thirst-quenching isotonic drink that provides thirst aid when it comes to replenishing lost salt and fluids. It costs a student loan-friendly 50p from your local shop, is available in four fab flavours and contains a boost of carbohydrates and has added B vitamins. Result.

Speaking of which, reach for the above, and get back to your work!