Is snacking between meals always bad for you?

It’s the sort of thing our parents used to tell us, but now we’re all grown up, we wanted to see if snacking really is a no-no or they were telling us porkies… 

Truth or fiction?
We’ve all heard things like ‘snacking boosts your metabolism’ or ‘eating between meals makes you gain weight’, but weighing up the limited scientific research on the effects of snack-attacks on health, appetitive and weight, there is no clean-cut answer…

However, all evidence around the issue leads to one sure thing… it’s not so much about whether you snack, more about whatyou snack on. 

Also, how many people can honestly put their hand up and say, ‘I shall never snack again?’ 

How to do it right
The British Nutrition Foundation says that as long as you snack right, snacking can be a part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

Here’s the foundation’s tips

> First of all, ask yourself ‘am I really hungry?’. Sometimes, we snack because we’re bored, stressed or tired. Try to break this emotional eating cycle and address how your feelings in a more positive way. Perhaps divert your ‘hunger’ with a mindfulness app, exercise, drinking water or decaff herbal tea.

> Always read the label, keeping a keen eye on fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar content, and calories.

> Snacks that are high in the aforementioned ‘baddies’ list should be avoided (think chocolate bars, biscuits, crisps, cake) and replaced with something like a prime pick from the PureBite snack range. These baked lovelies contain rice, nuts and coconut (goodies), are low in sugar and salt, big on protein and fibre, vegan and preservative free. Impressive, award-winning and available in a series of sweet and savoury flavours at your local Morrisons or online

> Watch how much you’re eating. Going OTT on portions, even if your snacking style is healthy, will potentially push you into ‘too many calories’ territory.

> Don’t replace meals for snacks. Ideally, you should be eating three healthy meals a day… and, yes, if you intersperse that day with a healthy number of healthy snacks, you’re forgiven!

> Final point, don’t beat yourself up if you indulge one from the baddie list once in a while. We’re all human! 

Happy snacking everyone!