Celebrating women in sport

What a summer it’s been for women in sport. But let’s not just leave it behind, let’s be inspired by it and let it help us reach our full potential… even if life’s ups and downs try and get in the way!

An inspirational summer
From the FIFA Women's World Cup in France to the INF Netball World Cup in Liverpool – summer 2019 has been an unforgettable showcase of unbeatable female powerhouses.

We hope that this has not only inspire young girls across the UK to get active (and get involved in traditionally male-dominated sports), but made female adults think ‘maybe I should get involved too?’.

There really has never been a more inspiring time to make that move… and Intersport is on hand to help you.

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Intersport are passionate about inspiring, supporting and motivating women to #OWNIT in the sporting arena – whether that be on a global stage or at grassroots level in an urban community. 

This year the online/high street brand launched their #OWNIT campaign, whose mission it is to not only bring the females in sport conversation alive but ensure their one-stop sports stores provide all the knowledge and products required to enable women to take sporting centre stage.

The face of the campaign is Sky Sports presenter Anna Woolhouse, whose illustrious broadcast career has included coverage of everything from ice hockey to boxing. 

Keeping it real
Anna’s honest yet positive, approachable and insightful approach is helping women around the country #OWNIT and bag all the knowledge, kit and inspiration they need to play sport, with a specific focus on running and training.

Both Intersport and Anna know that life’s ups and downs can sometimes hinder women (or anyone for that matter) following an exercise regime. You wake up Monday morning, you’re dreading work and have pressed the snooze button one hundred times. No, you don’t feel like the gym and Intersport don’t yet sell ‘positive pants’ you can magically pull on, so you ditch your fitness plans for the day!

But if you start the week with a spot of exercise, Tuesday to Sunday will not only be more positive, you’ll be inspired to continue making assured choices throughout the week, be more productive and feel more buoyant (not to mention float around on a sense of achievement).

Head over to the site to ‘find your sport’– a place to buy kit that will enable you to flourish on the field, pitch or even your front room in comfort and style. All the big-name brands are there, some endorsed by incredible women who’ve excelled in their field. You can even don the Lionesses’ kit courtesy of Nike.  

We hope you’re inspired.We’re hope, no matter what your sport, activity or level is – you’re join a countrywide community that empowers, builds confidence, and shows you how to become stronger – both inside and out.

First step? Visit or find a store.