Fitness and family gaming: The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch lets you play your favourite games for longer with friends and family

Nintendo Switches’ flexible Joy-Con controllers mean players can enjoy gaming in a number of different ways which is perfect when playing family or friends.

Attach to the side of the tablet to turn it into a handheld device, or holster it to create a traditional gamepad. They can also be used in the style of Wii Remotes for a fully interactive gaming experience.

It also boasts hundreds of new games for everyone to enjoy including Ring Fit adventure. Using distinct accessories that are attached to players, they can cleverly detect and measure real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions.

Set in a fantastical and brightly coloured world, players can be pitted against an evil body building dragon which you can defeat using the new Ring-Con controller.

Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using real-life exercise as you jog, sprint, and high knee through dozens of levels. Fight off magical beasts as you level up and learn new abilities along the way in this exciting RPG adventure.  

The game also lets you adjust the intensity of your workout and perform individual exercises as you would in the gym. The Ring-Con controller and leg strap are both included with the game - simply attach to your Joy-Cons and get started on your next adventure.

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch, Mario and Sonic Olympics 2020 allows you to compete with your friends in 30 plus action-packed 3D and classic 2D sports games with some of your favourite Mario and Sonic characters. Allowing you to experience the thrill of the Olympic Games in a brand-new way, players can chose between single and multiplayer and even online as you compete for Olympic glory from the comfort of your own home.