Handy apps for your next travel adventure

These travel apps are designed to keep you safe and in the know

Available to download to your mobile device in seconds, take the worry and stress out of your next adventure with these travel apps.

Never lose your valuables again thanks to the intuitive Tile app.Simple and easy to use, Tile is now the world’s largest lost and found app. Choose from variety of tiles to suit your needs and simply place them on items you never want to lose. Use the Tile app to ring your Tile or just tap the ‘Find’ button. Lost your phone? Just tap the double press the Tile button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

Flightradar 24
The world's most popular flight tracker allows you to turn your phone into a live flight tracker and view flight data in real time. It also allows you to look at information on aeroplane types, flight status, and live information on international airports. Perfect for the round the world traveller and for letting family and friends know you have arrived safely at your destination.

Google translate
Never get stuck reading foreign menus again thanks to Google translate. The app will translate between 103 languages by typing, speaking or sharing an image. It’s like having a personal translator in your pocket wherever you go making sure you’ll never get stuck again while travelling abroad. 

Hotel Tonight
Last minute hotel booking? No problem. Hotel Tonight has everything you need to find the best hotel deals at discounted prices. When hotels approved by HotelTonight have unsold rooms, they load them on the app and into your hands, with savings likely not available elsewhere meaning you can get a great deal. It doesn’t just work for last minute booking either, allowing you to book up to 100 days in advance.