How tech is changing sports injuries

Advances in technology have enabled recovery time following a sports injury to be reduced dramatically

Wearable tech

The abundance of wearable sports tech means athletes can now delve into their data in a heartbeat and learn more about their bodies. Crucially, having access to your stats means you are less at risk from overstraining and risking a preventable injury. A number of new apps can also help to measure mental fatigue which may also lead to injury. New tech is also in development to help predict sports injuries while on the go and give you live tips to make sure you stay active and healthy.

Sports rehabilitation
Technology might lower the chance of injury but accidents will still occur. However, thanks to advances in state-of-the-art diagnostics, rehabilitation tools can now shorten the time of recovery. Aquatic therapy pools and Cryotherapy are now a mainstay of sports medical teams, helping to boost recovery and prevent injury. Anti-Gravity Treadmills have also become popular with athletes, helping to increase mobility, strength, movement and fitness.

Injury detecting sensors
Many athletes now wear sensors attached to their body which can relay live information to their medical team or which is embedded in their wearable tech. The sensors can also be worn during training sessions to get a better understanding of what athletes are doing wrong while it can also help them get a better idea of injuries which may not yet have been detected.