Top products for vegan gut health

These vegan probiotic products are packed with essential nourishment to maintain a healthy gut 

As an essential part of our daily diet for our gut health, its important people following a vegan diet get probiotics from plant-based sources to maintain optimum health and function.

Thankfully, there are now a wide variety of products available to help keep your gut happy – just keep a look out for the vegan symbol or a certified vegan accreditation.

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Ultra Premium Greens
Using nutrient-rich greens from the land, fresh waters and seas around the world, Amazing Grass’ Raw Reserve is packed with 25 billion probiotics, providing a delicious way to nourish your body with the whole food nutrition it needs to feel amazing every day.

Country Life Power-Dophilus Vegan Caps 
Established in 1971, Country Life’s Power-Dophilus capsules have been doing a reliable job for decades. This dairy-free probiotic provides a targeted blend of 12 billion CFU per serving of four probiotics to help boost your digestion and support microflora balance. 

Country Life Realfood Organics Probiotic Daily Powder
This nutritious combination of probiotics, prebiotics and raw fruits and vegetables provides the perfect food blend that nourishes your body. Organic inulin also adds prebiotic goodness to the blend, which maintains balance in your gut. There’s also no soy, corn, gluten or preservatives.