Get fit for free at home

These free exercise workouts mean you can continue to stay fit and healthy

A nation-wide lockdown means we are only able to take one daily excursion for exercise. Luckily for us a number of celebrities and fitness gurus have opened their virtual doors to allow us to stay fit and healthy throughout the pandemic.

PE with Joe
Following the closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of children have spent their mornings joining Joe Wicks for a free live PE lesson. Join the 33-year-old fitness instructor for a daily 30-miniue fitness session designed for children – and adults - off all ages. The live workout takes place every week day at 9am and includes a warm-up and a cool down. Visit The Body Coach YouTube channel to get started.

Barrys UK
Endorsed by the stars including David Beckham, the UK based fitness studio is offering free high intensity workouts on Instagram live. Famed for pushing its participants to the physical limit, sessions focus on different areas of the body. The schedule is regularly posted on the Barry's UK Instagram account.

Boost your strength and improve your overall fitness with yoga. There are a number of free yoga sessions being streamed online perfect for people of all ages. Every day, the US-based yoga studio chain CorePower is streaming classes on its YouTube channel while subscription-based yoga service Moviing is offering a free 10-day trial.  

Star Power
A number of celebrities have waived their subscriptions fees for their fitness programmes. Train with Thor himself as Chris Hemwsorth’s fitness app Centr is now free for six months. TV star Davina McCall has also given away a free 30-day membership to her online gym which features 1,000s of workouts for you to choose from.