Gardening the ultimate answer to lockdown fitness

We look at one of the easiest ways to keep both yourself and your surroundings in great shape (simultaneously) during lockdown…

It’s easy to feel uninspired fitness-wise during these testing times, especially when you’re only allowed one walk, run or cycle a day. But have you considered how getting your garden looking its very best could help you keep fighting fit too?

With work and other commitments typically pending, nurturing a home’s green spaces rarely tops your priority list, however, with the coronavirus lockdown still keeping most of us safely tucked within the confines of our garden walls, a wonderful opportunity to boost your overall health has arrived…

All-round workout
Perfection takes time, so when it comes to making your garden look magnificent and ensuring you get the recommended weekly amount of exercise, try to do 30 minutes of gardening a day, three to five times a week (the other two days can be spent having fun in it with you co-isolators or enjoying solo tranquillity).

Did you know that gardening works most areas of your body? Bones and joints, check. Heart, check. Lungs, check. And, since it burns lots of calories fast and helps you maintain a healthy weight, you needn’t fret about the stash of lockdown treats you ate the day before.

Additionally, your arms, legs, shoulders, back, glutes, neck, stomach and core will all positively benefit from tending enthusiastically to your space, as will your flexibility. Lifting (safely) is just like being back at the gym – a bone and excellent joint-boosting resistance exercise.

Mix in bags of fresh air fresh air and sun-sourced, mood-boosting vitamin D and you’ll feel happier, calmer and more optimistic.

Love your lawn
Mowing your lawn is an aspect of gardening that can really get the heart and lungs pumping, and with the right mower by your side, your garden will look glorious.

Especially if your current mower is making gardening more of a chore than a fruitful workout, why not invest in a new one? We know that the lockdown means, for many, money is tight, so sale items and bargains are big time on our radar! That’s why we love Mountfield ranges – you’re guaranteed to find a mower to suit your budget online (they are all on special offer too) and enjoy FREE DELIVERY straight to your door.

No garden? Create a garden … we are loving this accessible trend and the fact it gives you a chance to get really creative, regardless of the amount of space or green stuff you’ve got available.

Why mowing matters
Mowing, weeding, planting… it all matters during this time of crisis. Not only is it essential we keep ourselves physically fit and healthy, our mental health – just like our gardens – needs tending to and nurturing too. Being outdoors, expending energy, catching rays and then sitting back and enjoying/admiring your work really will work wonders.

Remember though, stay safe. Always wear sunscreen, always bend your knees when lifting and keep a straight back… and take a break if you feel the burn (both on skin and muscles!) Don’t leave tools around for kids to grab – maybe buy them their own plastic set online?

And, finally, as tempting as it might be, please don’t invite family, friends or neighbours around to see how good the garden (and you!) look.

Share videos on social or email instead; your handiwork will inspire others to make gardening their lockdown exercise of choice.

Anyway, if this becomes a habit (we hope it will!), they’ll be able to visit again and again when all this is over!

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