Brush up on your oral healthcare

Give your mouth and teeth the attention they deserve with these oral healthcare steps

Poor oral healthcare can lead to a number of other diseases, loss of teeth and even difficulties with eating and speaking. Instead make sure you practice good oral health care to keep your pearly whites gleaming throughout the day.

Choose Fluoride
Whatever your choice of toothpaste, make sure it contains Fluoride. Fluoride is a leading defence against tooth decay and helps to fight the germs that can lead to decay while providing a protective barrier for your teeth, helping to prevent cavities and strengthen weak spots and exposed roots. Rinsing your mouth out with a Fluoride mouthwash will add another layer of protection.

Keep hydrated
Drinking plenty of water has many health benefits – including oral healthcare. Whereas fiizzy drinks and squash will leave behind sugar on your teeth water helps to wash away all the left behind bacteria and clean your mouth with every sip. Drinking water also helps prevent dry mouth which is a contributor to tooth decay and can even help prevent bad breath.

Dental hygiene experts say regular flossing can have as many benefits as brushing your teeth. Millions of bacteria and other germs can be found in your oral cavity no matter how well you look after your teeth. Flossing helps rectify this be getting to the hard to reach places preventing the bacteria from turning into plaque. Flossing can also be used to remove the bacteria at the base of the teeth helping to prevent the onset of gum decay.

Brush your teeth twice a day
Neglecting to brush your teeth at night means you won’t be washing away the bacteria that has built up during the day which could lead to the onset of tooth decay. Regular bruising at least twice a day will help remove any bacteria and plaque with dentists recommending a brushing time of at least two minutes. Work on your brushing routine and hold your toothpaste at an angle to reach the hard to reach areas. And don’t forget to clean your tongue with a brush or scraper as this also harbours harmful bacteria.