Go with the Flow

Yoga is associated with wellbeing and stress relief, but regular practice can provide a host of benefits for body as well as mind 

Peter Maciver is personal trainer and fitness influencer with72k+ Instagram followers and celebrity clients include Dua Lipa and Rita Ora.

Peter provides 4 Yoga Moves for Strength & Flexibility

<1> Standing Twist
Main Benefits
: Improves flexibility in your spine and opens up your hips.
How To:
> Standing, lift up the left knee to form an ‘L’ shape.
> Place your right hand to the outside of your left knee
> Turn your torso towards the bent leg.

<2> Seated Forward Bend
Main Benefits:
Great for runners. Stretches the spine, shoulders, hips and hamstrings.
How To: 
> Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you.
> Inhale and lift your arms up over your head.
> Bend forward over your legs.

<3> Splits
Main Benefits: Relieves DOMS by stretching the thighs, hamstrings and hip flexors.
How To:
> From a low lunge position, extend your front leg and shift your weight back.
> Slide your back leg behind you.
> Lower your body down towards the floor and go as far as your body will allow.

<4> Standing Bow
Main Benefits
: Combination of strength and flexibility. Improves elasticity in your spine. 
How To:
> From standing position, grab your right ankle behind you.
> Raise your arm up above you.
> Slowly bring your upper body forward and balance.

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