Make your own sushi doughnuts

Sushi doughnuts are not only delicious, they couldn’t be easier and quicker to make – even if you’re super short on time…

The thought of making your own sushi might sound like a time-consuming and tricky business and one best left to the restaurants.

With New Kenji Sushi Rice, you couldn’t be more wrong! This authentic steamed sushi rice can be microwaved in two minutes (yes, two!) and can be the key ingredient in a host of healthy and flavoursome Japanese-inspired dishes, including our current favourite… Sushi Doughnuts!

Here’s the inspired recipe – ideal for busy folks or those looking for something a bit different for tea tonight – and just below it, a competition to WIN A SUSHI-MAKING KIT!

New Kenji Sushi Rice
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
Salt and sugar to taste
Wasabi and soy sauce to serve

Pickled ginger
Chopped chives
Sesame seeds
Nori seaweed

HEAT rice in microwave for two minutes at full power (800W).
ALLOW to cool in the cup for five minutes.
TIP into a bowl and add two tablespoons of rice vinegar, add sugar and salt to taste.  
MIX gently with a wooden spoon, without crushing the rice grains.
SLICE the toppings into thin slices using a mandolin or grater.
WET your hands a little to prevent rice sticking. Make a ball of sushi in your hand and press a hole into the middle to make the doughnut shape.
ADD the toppings to the doughnuts. You can alternate slices of toppings or keep them together in different parts around the doughnut.
SPRINKLE with sesame seeds.
SERVE with soy sauce and wasabi as desired.

New Kenji Sushi Rice is available to buy at Waitrose and Tesco. Visit the New Kenji website for other stockists and more exciting recipes.

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