FREE inclusive online workouts

Introducing Parasports series of exciting, easy-to-adapt workouts you can do from home

Getting active at home is anyone's game – regardless of your level of ability – and that’s why LK is loving Parasport’s generous menu of FREE online workouts*

They’re easy to access, can be adapted to your own pace and intensity, and are flexible around your daily schedule. Result!

About Parasport
Parasport is developed by ParalympicsGB in partnership with Toyota, as part of its commitment to making movement better for everyone.

Parasport is a fun, vibrant community, where players, parents and coaches can share their experiences of parasport as well as find useful hints, tips and information about what’s happening near them and how to connect to local, inclusive opportunities.

There too is the Inclusive Home Workout Zone, where you’ll find the FREE workouts.

Here we introduce the first three…

Stretching and Mobility
Inspirational, qualified fitness expert Kris Saunders-Stowe leads this short and easy-to-follow workout, which focuses on stretching and improving your mobility. If you haven’t exercised or taken part in sport for a while, this one’s for you! No equipment needed, just a little bit of space in the front or back room to complete the simple exercises. If you’re not able to tick off all the movements on your first go, don’t worry, just take your time and build up to finishing the full workout. Give it a go now.

Gentle Aerobics
This is a great follow-on from the workout above and one which, again led by Kris, is designed to get the heart pumping! We really enjoyed this one and once you know the routine, you can even blast some top tunes in the background to motivate you even more. Access the workout here.

Maintain Agility 
This routine has been created to hone movement control, posture, agility and – if you are standing – challenge your balance. The brilliant Prosthetics Physiotherapist Miranda Asher and Kiera Roche, above-knee amputee and Founder and CEO of LimbPower, lead this workout, which can be completed entirely at your own pace. Join Miranda and Kiera here.

More workouts!
Many of Parasport’s partners host classes that you can either take part in at your own leisure or complete in real-time.

These include Chair-based Yoga and Chair-based HIIT from RMR Rehabilitation.

We also enjoy Seated Dance from Synergy – who doesn’t love getting their groove on?

To view more, visit the Inclusive Home Workout Zone.

Stay safe!
As with any home exercising, safety is key. Ensure your workout space is uncluttered and you won’t be knocking into anything.

Wear comfy clothes that won’t restrict you
Warm up with a few gentle stretches
Have a bottle of chilled water handy
Know your limits, take it slow. Lifelong fitness isn’t a sprint!
Cool down with a few gentle stretches.

And, finally, ENJOY! Exercise should be fun and on your terms. Celebrate every single milestone (no matter how small) of your journey.

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