Lift your way to better health

All about weightlifting and its power to transform your health and fitness

Whilst there is no magic pill (yet!) to boost our immunity against Covid-19, ensuring our bodies are at optimum health and fitness levels is within very easy reach.

The wonders of weightlifting
The 2019 UK government and NHS guidelines recommend that everyone of us from age 19 - 64 should engage in activities that develops strength at least twice per week to keep our bones and muscles strong! Strength training has a range of benefits, it will increase the strength of your muscles and bones, reduce your body fat, boost your metabolism and has even been shown to have a positive effect on mental health.

Regularly incorporating exercises like squats, deadlifts, press ups and lunges into your training alongside some cardiovascular exercise like jogging, cycling or rowing has the potential to reduce your risk of injury & illness and improve your quality of life. Strength training is something you should incorporate in your fitness routine and it is never too late to get started! 

British Weight Lifting – the sport’s National Governing Body – is dedicated to providing amazing training opportunities and sharing exercises to all levels of lifters; improving technique and performance under the guidance of the sport’s best educators and coaches.

Some courses are on hold due to Covid, but there are still plenty of e-learning options you can explore at home, including the Online Essentials of Weightlifting Technique, Online Level 1 Award in Coaching Weightlifting and Online Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Weightlifting for would-be coaches.

Once Government instruction allows, practical BWL courses will be back up and running. Particularly impressive is the My Lifting Pathway – which offers a variety of masterclasses to help you improve your lifting technique and performance. There's also the British Weight Lifting Training Camp and Olympic Lifting Masterclass through to the impressive Strength Training Masterclass. See what you can look forward to here.

We wish you luck in your lifting journey – one paved with great health and fitness.

Beginner? Check out the British Weight Lifting Start Lifting page. 

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