Top five Covid-fighting goodies

It used to be that a crumpled tissue, half a box of plasters and a tube of antiseptic cream languishing in your bag or top drawer amply served our family’s keep-clean-and-healthy needs.

But now, for the safety of us all, it’s time to be consistently savvier.

We’ve found these Covid family essentials to invest in, especially if you’ve received some shopping vouchers from Santa…

NEQI Reusable Face Masks, 3 Pack (£15)
We love these super-soft masks crafted from breathable material and available in soft pink or smart black. They boast three layers of protective material and are reusable too.

Buy now pink (S/M) / black (S/M). Large size is also available on the Boots website.

Carex Love Hearts hand gel, 300ml (£2.62)
Take a trip down childhood candy memory lane with this lush hand sanitiser, which smells just like those sherberty sweets with cute messages. Kills 99.9% per cent of bacteria and is quick drying too. Big and little kids alike will love it. Buy now

Senses Bubblegum For Kids Anti-bacterial Liquid Hand Wash, 500ml (£1.95)
This will encourage the little ones to keep their mitts permanently clean, because it smells divine and adds a splash of fun to handwashing time. Just one or two pumps required, a little warm water, scrub-a-dub-dub for Happy Birthday, rinse and run! Buy now

The Cheeky Panda Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Wipes, 100 wipes (£5.49)
We’re big fans of the Cheeky Panda range and these germ-busting wipes are perfect for home surfaces. They’re made from 100% Bamboo, sustainably sourced, feature fully recyclable packaging and also vegan – ticking all the green boxes whilst keeping the house safe – Buy now

RAWGANIC On-The-Go Hand Wipes, 15 wipes (£3.99)
These organic cotton hand wipes are 100% biodegradable. Soaked in water with added  cucumber and aloe vera extracts, they are a super-refreshing, go-to cleansing product for those times when soap, water and a towel are not available – Buy now