Keep on the move this Easter

With Easter just around the corner there’s no better time to start thinking of your next family break

Whether you’re choosing a holiday on the coast, wanting to explore the countryside or fancy camping in the wilds of the woods, the UK offers so many destinations to choose from.

Enjoying quality time with family is something Britain’s most successful female athlete, Dame Laura Kenny knows all about as she and husband Jason create new golden memories with son Albie.  

After a glittering career which saw her collect a staggering five gold medals across three Olympic Games, the track and road specialist knows how to get around and enjoys a car that can help her keep active.

Laura recently took delivery of the brand-new Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid electric SUV which is designed to suit its drivers’ unique and active lifestyles. Designed to have a compact footprint for easy parking and manoeuvring in urban spaces, the car boasts an all-wheel drive capability for country driving and returns great fuel economy – meaning long distances are never out of reach.

"I really like the car," Laura said. "It gets good mpg figures, and it does feel to me a lot more electric than I thought it was going to. It’s really zippy away from traffic lights and roundabouts, it reacts really well. It’s also good because we live on a country road and it’s not massive, so I never feel squeezed off the road, yet it’s big enough to fit our family in and to carry bits and bobs in for Albie."

"All the different driving modes are such great features, and it’s so easy to use and to switch between whichever one you need."

As more of us switch to green ways of getting around, cyclist Laura knows full well the benefits her environmentally conscious roadster can have in making sure we all play our part in supporting the future of the planet.

"We were keen to have a car that is more environmentally friendly," Kenny added.

"My husband Jason and I are bike riders, so why wouldn’t we want that? And the car is big enough so that when we don’t have Albie or the dogs with us, the bike can actually fit in the back, so it’s a really convenient size. I’m really enjoying it."

Wherever you're heading this Easter, make sure you travel ‘fast and smart’ – just like Kenny. 

The interview was provided by Toyota when they caught up with Kenny to get her first impressions of the new Toyota Yaris Cross Compact SUV