Cooking with Sam Way

Check out these top five Sam Way recipes to leave you inspired for you next meal

Cooking no longer needs to be a challenge thanks to these easy-to-follow dishes from rising online star Sam Way.

A famous French classic with a Sam Way twist. Peppers, garlic, onion and tomatoes are blended to create a sauce which is then topped with finely cut aubergine and courgettes to create a real showstopper on the plate.

You don’t have to catch your own mussels for this one but that doesn’t put off Sam. Enjoy one of the tastiest shellfish dishes out with this Belgian-French classic that will leave you wanting more.

Beef Rendang
Upgrade your next meal with this delicious Indonesian classic which tastes even better the next day when the complex flavours have matured. Serve with delicious, steamed rice.    

Cheese Burger
Tuck into melted cheese, crispy bacon, homemade burger sauce and freshly baked Japanese milk buns for a new twist on a familiar favourite – it promises not to disappoint.

Poke Bowl
Continuing his trip across the world, Sam’s take on this Hawaiian classic is a combination of cold umami packed tuna over a warm bed of seasoned rice.

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