Skincare for swimmers

Taking the odd dip in the local pool won't be enough to ravage your face, but if you are a regular water dweller the effects of chlorine may take their toll. 

Chlorine is a common chemical used to keep water clean, some degree of it is even found in drinking water in many countries. However, this chemical is an indiscriminate killer of bacteria, meaning that it eliminates both the bad and good kinds which are important to a person's bodily functions. When it comes to your skin, this quality of chlorine can result in a disruption of the oil balance on your face, leading to dry, itchy and red skin. Luckily, there are ways of preventing such issues; you just have to follow these steps.

1. Shower first: giving yourself a quick rinse before diving in the pool helps hydrate your skin and provide some protection against the harsh chemicals.

2. Neutralise the chlorine: if you already know that you are sensitive to the effects of chlorine, you can purchase a chlorine neutralising lotion that can help you prevent the itchy rash that can appear during and after a swim. 

3. Shower after: After your work out, make sure you give yourself a thorough rinse in the shower. The fresh water will help clear some of the lingering chemical off your skin. 

4. Use a neutral cleanser: When your skin may already be feeling the effects of harsh chemicals, it's important to make sure your cleanser is gentle enough to not irritate the skin further. Using a lanolin-based cleanser such as aqueous cream is available at most Boots for a low price, will help clear away chemicals without adding further build up. 

5. Moisturise: Even if your skin isn't very sensitive to chlorine, it is still important to replenish it with moisture to avoid the dryness that can eventually come from frequent exposure. Most moisturisers will do, though some with added aloe vera can also help soothe any redness.