Gym-friendly foundation makeup

Keeping your face prepared for anything with minimal maintenance. 

While there are many women who prefer to throw on a layer of makeup before heading to the gym, a more common issue is that of the busy lady who hits the gym whenever she can throughout the day ñ even when already immaculate from hair to heels.  If you are a woman whose busy lifestyle means you have to be ready to sweat at the drop of a hat, it is a good idea to choose products that will breath well, won't clog pores and, most importantly, will stay put!

For keeping foundation pristine all day no matter the activities, it is a good idea to invest in a primer. A primer not only helps even the texture of your skin to help makeup sit smoother over it, it also helps keep makeup from moving around when the sweat begins to drip. Once you've sorted a primer, the next step is picking the top layer. Here are a few brands that offer foundations that will last through your workout and require only minimal touch-ups after to have you back on track in no time.

Estee Lauder
The Double Wear range from Estee Lauder is formulated to withstand vigorous activity and still last all day. It comes in a wide range of colours and is especially effective for those looking for coverage on the heavier side. At around £30 a bottle, it's not on the cheaper side of the makeup counter, but it's certainly worth the money if stay-in-place coverage is your priority.

Not many brands are brave enough to boast 24-hour wear, but that's how Maybelline's Super Stay Makeup range lives up to its name. This foundation is transfer resistant and stays put even in high-heat and humidity. Most importantly it's made to withstand sweat and is oil and fragrance free. Even better: it won't break the bank!

Mac's popular Studio Fix Fluid is great for the girl with oily skin as it absorbs and disperses excess oil, helping to prevent build up. It's sweat-proof, long wearing and offers great coverage of pigmentation and other imperfections. If you want breathability over thick coverage, stick to the Studio Fix powder, which absorbs oil and leaves skin with a velvety mat texture.