Four bike helmet-proof hairstyles

Whether you’re riding your bike to work or hitting the track for a session before going out, you may not have the time to solve your helmet hair on the other side of things. One way to save yourself some time and stress is to arrange your locks into a style that won’t budge under your necessary headgear. Here are a few options:

Centre-parted braids
Adding a bit of Dorothy Gale to your hairstyle is a great way of avoiding post-ride fly-aways. Just be sure to smooth your hair down on either side of your middle parting and make neat plaits all the way down. If you have very long hair, try securing the braids at the lower back of your head with some hair pins to keep them from flying around too much.

Low side-bun
Spice up the regular bun by using interesting placement. Wrapping up your hair near the base of your skull and off to one side or the other will guarantee a smooth look with plenty of protection from the wind. 

Just a bit of accessorising can both protect your hair and keep you looking fabulous off the road. A nice silk headscarf, properly secured, will move with your helmet, thus preventing the friction that would normally mess up your style.

Headband braid
The front of your hairline is the most important part of your hairstyle so that is the number one spot to focus on with non-smoothed down styles. Try forming a plait from one ear to the other across the hairline and tuck the excess length behind the ear. You should put the rest of your hair in a low ponytail, which you can leave in or take out post-ride.